Reasons Why You Always feel Tired How to Fix it


Reasons Why You Always feel Tired How to Fix it

We have no excuses whatsoever for the reason of Feeling Tired and Exhausted all the time. Seriously, we neither have any explanation to that. In the hustle and bustles of the world around, it is something you can’t befriend with, the passive attire. There are lots or reasons why we fail to notice or deliberately grow careless towards coping with it passively. Let us find out more about the Reasons Why You Always feeling Tired How to Fix it.

The first reason that sounds a legitimate cause of not having an active lifestyle is, not getting enough to sleep. Well, definitely it is one of the several other factors that you probably aren’t even aware of. Here in the health and fitness guide, we’ll help you find out those causes that make you feel low on energy levels.

Several Reasons That Make You Feel Tired with Treatment

There may be some medical issues, a hidden ailment, some improperly adapted lifestyle, or even some bad habits like smoking, drinking and eating associated with your problems. Let us put some light on the Reasons Why You’ Always feel Tired How to Fix it by going through one by one.


Electronic advancement has brought about a diabolic consequence upon our lifestyle. That is an undeniable fact that none of us would believe at the first gander. Digging deeper, you’ll notice why we’ve become like dogs when getting distracted or disturbed by a little flash of room lights, a slight sound of the Alarm clock, or a because of the last cup of coffee you have had after dinner. Staying more often in touch with the electronic world is also one of the biggest factors to misbalance your sleeping hours. In the rigid and tangible world, social media platforms and apps play a role of letting people stay connected with each other. The process of undoing and unfriending has taken over human’s tendency to stay connected with the real and tangible world around us.

Solution to undo the unsleeping:

  • Let us be honest, get yourself restricted; it sounds a bit harsh but, you need to stay away from work after reaching home.
  • Do not bring the workload home with you.
  • The ideal duration of a sound sleep is really 7-8 hours a night.
  • An average adult must need this amount of sleep to recover what’s lost from the body and what to regain the next morning.

Time to go to bed must be fixed and so should be the wake-up hours

  • Make it a habit of logging on to the internet for a specific and limited time period.
  • And while going to bed, use the dark curtain to avoid the entrance of light inside the room making it darker.

Over Exercising.

We often go for a workout or rigor exercises so as to put up a healthy lifestyle. This is in reference to the people, who are more into physical work like the sportsperson, or heavy duty jobs. The one reason making you feel spent for the rest of the day maybe due to the understated fact that you are exercising too much stressing too much and following rigorous exercises.The more you work out, the more time the body needs to rest and replenish its state. Time to recoveris definitely directly proportional to the amount we spend on stretching or running. And resultantly, you feel dizzy and tired for the entire day at work.


  • Never overdo exercising, take the pressure as much as you can handle.
  • Always carry an energy drink while exercising, to let the glucose and vital and electrolytes do their job. Even at work, maintain the fluid level.
  • Take plenty of carbohydrates, and calories during the day.


If you don’t take an exercise, take an ample amount of sleep, never overwork at your office, or are not undergoing depression, then you may be a suffering from a medical condition. Anemia is the reason of making people feel sluggish all the time, and most us never even know about it. Anemia is causeddue to lower production of RBCs because of the Iron Deficiency. And the lower number of RBCs affects Hemoglobin proportionally. The production of less oxygen-rich blood results in the tired feeling among the anemic people. People, who feel weak, or women undergoing heavy periods are usually to fall victim of this disease.

How to Fight Back against Anemia:

  • Take iron-rich diet to replenish your active sensations.
  • Suchdietary includesDark green leafy vegetables, Red Meat, Beans,Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Dried Fruits, Cereals, Pasta, and Bread.
  • These foods are better when combined with foods of Vitamin C.
  • If nothing seems working out, consult your Doctor.

Thyroid Disease

If all the cases are not found fitting your troubles, then get your thyroid glands checked up, most likely your symptoms are of Thyroid Disease. The Thyroid glands secrete the body functioning hormones and is directly or indirectly responsible for body movement and basic functionality. Heart rate, Protein production, body temperature, and Energy levels; are allmanaged by Thyroid Glands. You can detect the disease by these generalcauses like imbalanced hormone levels, lack of iodine/ selenium, and resistance to the gluten or dairy foods. If you are being Moody, having general fatigue, struggling with Joint Pain, putting or losing weight, having vision issues, or can’t work efficiently, all these are the indicators of Thyroid Disease.

Natural Treatment for Tiredness:

  • Take Gluten rich diet that is easily available in Dairy food.
  • Never eat food out of tin cans or plastic bags.Packaged food never helps you anyway.
  • First, get your Iodine and Selenium level checked and follow a diet plan according to the Doctor’s advice.
  • Take Basil, Ashwagandhaetc to replenish your energy levels faster and effectively.
  • Downsize your carbohydrate intake replacing it with plenty of lean protein and healthy fat food like coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado, flaxseeds etc.

Fixed Postureat Work

The most common factor and the leading causeiseasily found in the office-oriented world,where we are more and easily vulnerable to falling victim to a passive and sluggish lifestyle.

Sitting for straight hours at the desk, in the same posture can cause stiffness in your joints and muscles making you lazy and sleepy sitting in your chair. Results are slow and painful causing back pains and chronic headaches. Rather than adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle, you just get driven towards a sluggish, weak, and risky zone.

How to treat yourself for Tiredness:

  • Sleep better at home, not at the office.
  • Get in motion and follow a regular exercise routine, not at the office but at home or after work.Exercise helps you release endorphins, boosting your stamina and lifting your mood.
  • While at the office, keep changing the position of your chair, with respect to your comfort.
  • Never sit or stand in the same posture for long hour weather managing the database or handling customers at a counter.
  • Not just at the gym, take an energy supplement along at work.
  • Avoid Soda and snacks, grab a salad snack instead.
  • Take walk breaks, even a 5-minute break would count.
  • Walk to the coffee maker, or parking lot; keep those legs moving.
  • Keep talking with yours. it is the easiest way to stay off the lazy grid.
  • Depression and bad habits like Smoking or drinking too much alcohol quit the habits and find yourself a company to get rid the Depressive state.

How To Stop Feeling Tired, Best Energy Tips

Wondering about what are the Reasons You’Always feel Tired and How to Fix it, you’ll find many causes and preventive measures. Laziness, dizziness, a sluggish day and a dog sleep at night are the increasingly mounting troubles among the new age generation. Finding natural and effective cures to the problem is not hard enough.What you need to do right now, is to check whether you are undergoing the above-stated symptoms and troubles.And if there is something else bothering you, then do consult your Doctor.

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