Secrets of geothermal therapy


The Geothermal Therapy is a method of working which aims to achieve a balance between the energy body and the energy that nature offers.

Its success is based on the combination of several manuals and natural techniques. Not intended as medical treatment, but neither can be considered no more than a cosmetic treatment. It’s a bit difficult to place it in a suitable area for a will as a healing therapy and others will be a very comfortable relaxing treatment to stop receiving cost.

The techniques that are combined to form the Geothermal Therapy are:

* THE MASSAGE, which is done by hot and cold stones capable of harmonizing the nervous system and the sense of touch, using suitable pressure and thermal stimuli in each case. Stones promote physical, mental and emotional balance so necessary in today’s world.

* Knowledge bases of Aromatherapy are used to stimulate and balance by smell and cortical brain areas related to this.

* The science behind the CHROMOTHERAPY provides the known physiological benefits of this technique, while acting on the nerve and cortical areas related to vision.

* The MUSICOTERAPIA get treatment appropriate to each harmonic relaxation acting on all those brain areas influenced by auditory stimuli.

If we consider that the senses are responsible for the relationship of humans with their peers and with the environment, Geothermal Therapy gets to act naturally on each providing the perfect balance and personal well-being both oneself and with all that surrounds us.

The core of the Geothermal Therapy is the application of hot and cold stones to act at two levels:

* In statically, exerting pressure on specific points.
* The dynamically, performing maneuvers well defined massage.

These important emotional and psychological benefits are achieved, but also observe the following physiological effects:

* The hot stones increase blood circulation and cell metabolism in treated areas, while providing effects of muscle relaxation, relieve pain and chronic inflammatory processes.
* The cold stones originate vasoconstriction and release of histamine and substances that act on pain and acute inflammatory processes.

The combination of cold and heat in different body and different techniques of application areas, can simultaneously obtain the benefits of both techniques in the same person at different body sites.

The stones are semi-precious crystals special characteristics such as hardness and surface smoothness.

What benefits are achieved with geothermal therapy?

For most people physical contact with nature is virtually nonexistent. At home we put on shoes (often with rubber soles) as we have synthetic carpet or parquet. Away we go often also with rubber soled shoes or we take any transport (also with rubber tires or rubber). At work we have chairs conglomerate or plastic plugs that will not scratch the floor.

This can cause headaches, nervousness, restlessness, etc. which are nothing but an excess of static electricity which we’re “loading” friction and cannot eliminate lack of contact with the ground.

At first contact with the stones immediately perceives a pleasant feeling. If you’re still nervous or anxious most noticeable benefits are seen.

The harmonization of the body with oils chromotherapy, colour application during the session, music and aromatherapy make each session of the Geothermal Therapy at a festival for the senses.

The Geothermal Therapy is especially suitable for those people with STRESS, NERVES, INSOMNIA, ANXIETY, MUSCLE ACHES AND JOINT DISORDERS and CIRCULATORY.

Is also highly recommended for those who are sharp without any of these symptoms, desire to be a good gift. Your body and mind will thank you.

Important recommendations

Obviously each person is different and may have different symptoms so the work must be done prior preparation and training, not to cause different effects to those desired.

Importantly, each movement of each stone in both hands of the therapist is specially studied. Each motion must be performed with a certain pressure and a certain direction.

The use of hot and cold stones is not random. They were always governed by the principles of physiology tailored specifically for each user. The same applies to essential oils, colour therapy, aromas and music.

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