Thalassotherapy can help people heal


Thalassotherapy refers to the healing power of the sea. This thing happens because thalassotherapy involves a series of modern spa treatments that are based on using seawater, algae and sea air. All of these have a role in healing diseases and stopping the premature ageing process of the organism.

Algae are used in thalassotherapy as they bring missing biologically active substances in the organism. Researchers have reached the conclusion that thalssotherapy treatments use over 150 oligoelements that are beneficial for the organism. Algae have a role in the synthesis of enzymes, hormones and vitamins and in cellular activity, including different oligoelements and minerals.

Seawater was scientifically proven to have different minerals – magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, selenium, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, zinc and others – which create a composition that is similar to that of human sanguine plasma. More than this, seawater is absorbed remarkably well in the human body, close to 100%.

Sun and ultraviolet rays have a beneficial effect on the mind, bone system and the immune system, if used correctly and moderately.

Sea air does not contain dust, pollen and polluting agents, but contains marine aerosols. As most know, it has excellent anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects on the respiratory system.

The sounds created by the waves of the sea or ocean calm down the nervous system, having good effects on the mind. Also, sea waves stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the muscles.

Mud has a content of silicon and active biological elements, macro and micronutrients, as well as other organic and inorganic ingredients that help relax the body, revitalize it and eliminate stress.

Thalassotherapy is practices in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and Africa, with emphasis on France, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Morocco, Tunisia and Greece.

What is thalassotherapy good for?

  • It improves the metabolic processes in the organism.
  • It hydrates dry skin.
  • It has a beneficial effect on sensitive skin.
  • It calms the nervous system.
  • It rejuvenates the skin and improves its deteriorated aspect.
  • It has a good effect on blood circulation in the extremities and certain areas.
  • It eliminates stress.
  • It heals depression.
  • It has a beneficial role in healing the affections of the thyroid gland.
  • It ameliorates the symptoms of certain diseases.
  • It is a good treatment for inflammatory rheumatism.
  • It improves breathing and has an expectorant effects for the airways
  • It is a good remedy for recovering people that have lesions due to certain surgical interventions or giving birth.
  • It helps weight loss, together with an appropriate diet.
  • It helps treat cellulite and prevent many diseases.
  • Wraps with sea algae are efficient in ameliorating cellulite and in modeling the figure.
  • Mud wraps reduce stress and restore the health of the organism. They help improve the immune system, ameliorate the oxygenation of the tissues, eliminate the tension in the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

Thalassotherapy is practiced in modern spa centers with special sophisticated equipments and pools, being situated close to the sea or ocean. Such treatments for improving health and the general aspect are useful both for men and women, regardless of age.

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