Top 10 Food for Healthy Heart- Best Diet For Healthy Heart


Best Diet For Healthy Heart

Not just for the heart patients, it is significant for all of us to take care of our heart. Metaphorically, the heart is a centralized machine, a junction to connect and supply the blood to the body. To look after the engine of our limitless and relentless body, we have to look after the diet and exercises to go the distance. All the cardio exercises are a boon to keep away from your cardiologist. What we have brought here for you is Best Diet For Healthy Heart.

Like we always use to say, we are stepping into another time phase where race against time is the most difficult and full of rumbles. To keep track of our health and wellness gives us a stretch of long hours. Life is just busy to consider the facts like what should I eat today. Is my food cholesterol free? Or the fats and calories I am taking, whether I am able to burn them properly or not?

Best Food  for Healthy Heart

Based on the suggestions and recommendations from our health and Nutrition experts, here is what we have to share with you today. Let us call the heart-friendly foods, which they actually are. As you roll down the page, you would some to know how important they are and if you still haven’t been able to know how these natural elements can add to your youth, well, know it now.


Loaded with a countless form of antioxidants, the fruit you may come across every day at a fruit stall, also has polyphenols and anthocyanins. What they do is to avoid the arteries get harder to induce a smooth blood flow throughout the body. Also, raise the hemoglobin level by daily intake of pomegranate juice. Go for an alternate solution if you can’t find a pomegranate around you; Apple should be the second best choice that is also enriched with antioxidants.


Not just tasty, the fruit is soft and smooth for your blood-pumper too. The much-needed fats are packed inside the soft pulp of Avocados. The monounsaturated fats in this fruit get you a lowered risk of heart diseases and other relatable elements, most commonly known is Cholesterol. You can either have them in salad’s form or mixed with blends. Another reason to make you keep the fruit in your plate is it is high in antioxidants and potassium.

Berries On The Chart For A Healthy Heart

The smaller they look, the bigger is their impact. Strawberries, blueberries are a great food to start your hectic day with at least three servings a day. In a study conducted in 2013, subjects having at least 3 servings every day had a lower risk of heart attack (32%) compared to the ones having less or no servings at all. These small surprise packages have anthocyanins and flavonoids to down the blood pressure and dilate the blood tract.

Dark Chocolate (For the Love of Heart)

Think about what the best a chocolate that can do for you. According to the studies, chocolate has several vital effects on our health. To reduce and eliminate heart attacks and strokes, do have some dark chocolate every day. Do mind when we emphasize “Dark Chocolate”, which means consume the chocolate with high in cocoa contents. Dark chocolate has flavonoids known as polyphenols helping your blood pressure to down, blood clotting, and reduce inflammation.


To lower your cholesterol level, Oatmeal is a much-needed diet that needs be taken. With high solubility in fiber, soaks up the cholesterol preventing its entry into the bloodstream. It is generally recommended to stop taking oatmeal that are containing sugars, the best and effective meal is to switch to the old and traditional way of cooking. Substitutes for this meal are whole bread, pasta that is also a good container of heart loving elements.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are full with vita-C halting the risks of heart failure. Stay away from the sugary juices or the packed ones they do have added preservatives and sugar. Grapefruit products also may hand you the same troubling hindering the cholesterol-lowering process. People consuming a high amount of flavonoids are at a lower risk of ischemic stroke (resultant of clots) than those, who don’t have the flavonoid at all.


We all consider coffee as our best hang out beverage, only when we are at work, at a study, or into the reading something. Apart from being just a diuretic substance, coffee paves its vital way towards our healthy heart. The mortality rate differs from 10 to 15% among coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers while non-coffee drinkers are the ones who are more prone to falling short in the race. A couple of cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of strokes by 30%. So, you probably need to have a cup after you finish reading this post.


Nuts are always at the top spot in the category of healthy foods. The list of healthy must have nuts consists peanuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. Fiber is the commonest element that you would find easily and get the benefits to lower your cholesterol. Walnuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Red wine

Wine always has a bad image, when it is about speaking health. It does take you to a risky level, but if consumed in limited quantity (2 drinks max.) will be an effective way to take your heart to a disease-free zone. In some recent research, it was observed that beverages with alcohol contents are helpful to keep the heart diseases away. But, seriously it doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to drink more or too often. Do not overdrink is what we have to suggest you.

Green Tea

Mostly dominating the regions of Asian countries, green tea is well-known for its benefits. The main reason is the antioxidant named “Catechins”. At least 4 cups of drink and you get your risks to get a heart attack by 20% lesser. The death rate due to heart diseases like strokes and other cardio seemed to decrease among the regular drinkers of green tea as per the study in 2013 reportedly showed.

Healthy Heart Food List

In the final words to our readers, we would suggest you don’t just rely on diet to keep your engine running. Exercises are as important as these foods are. Cardio exercises are an easy and effective way to keep the heart young and pumping. Now imagine a proper body with the perfect diet plan. These were 10 Best Foods For Heart presented in our health corner. We believe you would take care of your heart with these Best Diet For Healthy Heart.

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