What is Mental Health & Its Importance



Definition of “What Is Mental Health“?

Mental health is actually a condition of our social well-being. It includes our psychological & emotional aspects. It refers to how we act, feel and think. Mental Health also showcase our ability to handle stress and others surrounding us. In addition to that, it is a clear reflection of good or bad choices we make. But what we don’t usually realize is that “Mental Health” stays with us throughout our life. It also helps decide how we are handling our stress. Is it affecting others. And most importantly, is it affecting our choice and decision making? So knowing all about it and how to improve it, can help us live a healthy life.

Major Factors Affecting Mental Health

Some of the most major factors affecting mental health includes:

  • Family Background i.e., any family member suffering from mental health in the past
  • DNA or more simply the biological factors, like brain functioning and its chemistry with the body or the genes element
  • Adversely affecting life events like any bad incident, accident or trauma

Important thing to remember is that Mental health happens to 1 out of 4 people in the world. So do not be discouraged but try to find work around to this problem. We say this because we know how people with mental health problems have successfully overcame their problems.

Bad Mental Health Indicators

It is not necessary that one would know if he\she is struggling with mental health problems. To help you get more aware about your mental health, please have a look below to the indicators that may help you decipher your mental well being:

  • Feeling emotionless most of the time.
  • Too much or too less sleeping, eating or drinking.
  • Always feeling low on energy.
  • Having headaches and pains for no obvious reasons.
  • Feeling disconnected with people around you.
  • Getting into fight with family members or friends or colleagues around you.
  • Feeling low self-esteem and diffident.
  • Revengeful thoughts and plans.
  • Having certain thoughts and visuals that you can’t shake out of your head.
  • Struggling to perform daily routine tasks properly.
  • Doing things that you shouldn’t do like too much smoking or drinking.
  • Feeling negative emotions all the time.
  • Imagining and hearing things that do not exist.
  • Having extreme mood swings adversely affecting your relationship with your loved ones.

Remember to learn more about specific mental health problems and where to find help and if required, feel free to visit a professional near you.

Benefits of Good Mental Health and Wellness

Some of the most important benefits of mental health are as followed:

  • One realizes his\her own full potential.
  • One learns better to cope with life’s hardships and other negative elements around him\her.
  • One productivity increases ten folds at least.
  • One starts to make meaningful contribution to the society and the people around him\her.

Why One Needs Professional Help for Mental Health

If one still struggles to do any one of the following, then it is advisable that he\she seeks professional assistance:

  • Making connections with people around him\her.
  • Struggling to stay positive.
  • Finding it hard to get active physically.
  • Not much keen on helping others around in need of him\her.
  • Not having considerable sleep at nights.
  • Finding it hard to get moving into the society.


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