What sports massage should be applied at all times?


The inclusion of body aesthetics techniques in sport is already documented in ancient Greece and is aware of your practice with the same purpose in Egypt, India and the Babylonian Empire. In fact, the massage began as a combination of medical, recreational and sporting items.

Gladiators received different types of massage based on specific objectives: preparation effort, restorative after it, and also as a releaser in the palliative treatment and recovery from injuries.

China and Japan is known for its narrow and deep involvement with the martial arts.

At present, television documentaries have shown, among others, the spectacular and effective stimulating massage. Nuba wrestlers receive before entering combat or a player receives full play and allow you to keep in contention.

In short, wherever there is sport and regardless of culture, there Manual techniques you are in direct connection with this.

Scientific knowledge allow at present to know the possibilities of different methods and, consequently, where to place them. Consequently there is lot of techniques proven effect covering a wide range of specific needs.

General objectives of sports massage

1. Prevention of injury by improving the physical (and psychic) of that athlete.

2. Maintenance of proper body function.

3. Optimizing locomotor state

4. Restoration, restoring both functions as painless right tone and promoting the removal of metabolic waste.

5. Treatment of disorders and diseases. It is mainly art; for example in the case of muscle spasms and optionally for serving a particular function within a broad framework prescribed by medical applications retractions.

6. Bloating and general welfare, as discussed aspect is more important than a superficial assessment would suggest.

Effects of massage in sports

* The effect is further tested for regulation of muscle tone and reducing hypertension due to stimulation of the circulation and of the local metabolic exchanges. Also by muscle hyperemia and increased metabolic waste disposal. Also, the mechanical action and reflects on the muscle relaxing it.

* One of the prominent effects is the prevention of injuries, improving blood perfusion and elastic muscles and maintaining the ideal tone (Eutony).

* Furthermore, one should take into account the global effect revitalizing, capillarization, intensification of venous and lymphatic return. Reflex effect on deep organs and superficial tissues.

* And on another level, it is important psychophysical action in improving proprioception and body schema and release of psychosomatic tensions. The work of Alexander Lowen and Ashley Montagu tested the relationship between muscle tension and repressed feelings and also the importance of being played with in our childhood affection for the proper development of body functions, security and self-esteem.

The effect is purely mechanical and not local but really large and complex.

Types of sports massage

As a result of the abovementioned objectives and purposes are the following application modes:

* Salutary: The objective is the development muscular point; it should be just before the effort and will be short, fast, shallow or medium as to pressure and high intensity.

The most appropriate techniques will be friction, percussion and mobilizations. Short stretches can be incorporated.

* Stimulant: The purpose is to maintain or improve skills, so you would consider massage training. All kinds of techniques are used. It will be long, fast, deep and intense.

* Decongestants: He that takes place between two efforts, it is in this case to speed up metabolic processes and blood (venous drainage). It will be short, fast, smooth and superficial. It is composed of oscillations, vibrations, drainage and mobilization.

* Restoration-Drain: After a major effort similar in its effect to the above, but in this case because the athlete does not return immediately to the competition no matter tone reduction. Result will be prolonged, slow, deep, soft or medium intensity and vasoconstriction, soft kneading, swings and demonstrations will be held.

* Deconstructing: To reduce the shortening and release muscle tension. It is the massage done at little or excessively trained muscles. Should not be done before the competition, then you can conveniently dosed even momentarily cause some side effects related to the intense my fascial release.

It should be slow, long, deep, intense, emphasizing the kneading, friction, stretching and sliding pressures.

* Sedative: In cases of fatigue, stress, anxiety. He tries to get a neuro effect.
The speed will be slow, the surface pressure at medium, moderate intensity, the normal

The field of application is suitable column (paravertebral), the tonic musculature, head and lower extremities, in some cases the soles of the feet.

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