When & How to Breastfeed your Baby


It is a known fact that mothers initially struggle with the concept of “when & how to breastfeed your baby”. That is why, Doktor Help has composed a list for new mothers. This list would guide you in “when” to breastfeed your baby but also “how” to breastfeed your baby.

Now, we all know that feeding a newborn baby is a 24*7 job and depending upon the place, diet and condition of the mother, this could continue for next almost 18-20 months. So for starters, it is essential for you that you should form a strong bond with your baby that would ultimately help you in how to breastfeed your baby more easily and effectively.

Hold onto breastfeed your baby concept aka breast milk

Breastfeeding refers to breast milk. There is no ambiguity at all that breast milk is the best diet for the baby. So it is essential that as mother, you continue to breastfeed your baby for as long as possible.

Stick with Breastfeeding Image 

Stick with Breastfeeding

If complications arises, then there is no harm in using the formula as per doctor’s advice.

Understand your baby’s feeding demand

Common practice for breastfeeding is to do breastfeed one’s baby every 2-3 hours. But, it is to be noted that, certain motion of babies depicts his\her hugeness. Instances like stirring, stretching, light crying, fussing for no reasons & lastly sucking motions with lip movements.

But sometimes, when baby moves away from sucking, it would mean, he\she needs a small break or maybe, he\she might be full. So it is important to understand baby’s demand. And to make sure of it, best way is to burp him\her up or re-offer your milk.

Breastfeeding on Demand Image 

Breastfeeding on Demand

Remember, with every single day, he\she would require more milk than the previous instance.

Give weightage to vitamin D supplements

Breast milk alone cannot provide you with enough Vitamin D which is the source for making one’s bones strong and healthy. So adding up vitamin D supplements in your diet, would give necessary vitamin D in your breast milk that would help your baby in growing stronger bones.

Vitamin-D Supplements Are Good for Breastfeeding Image 

Vitamin-D Supplements Are Good for Breastfeeding

Expect variations in your newborn’s sucking patterns

It is a common understanding that some days we like to feel to “Eat A lot” and some days we don’t like “Eating At All”. Same thing can happen with baby as well when you want to breastfeed your baby. So variations would be a normal thing when you will breastfeed your baby.

Babies Sucking Patterns Image 

Babies Do Have Sucking Patterns

Trust your motherly instincts — and your newborn’s babies one too

Yes. You might have guessed it correctly. You should not be worrying too much in normal routine if your baby is having enough milk or not. Go with your motherly instincts. And your babies too. They also know if they need to be fed more or less. To ensure smooth understanding of this feelings, you must keep a watch on

  • Smooth weight gain.
  • Baby contentment with feedings.
Trust Your Instincts as Mother Image 

Trust Your Instincts as Mother

Also, a simpler way to keep tab on this is to keep a note on if baby is wetting diapers six times a day with 3 or more bowels. In case, this is not happening, then a doctor needs to be contacted.

Feeding time is a bonding time

During each and every feeding, look directly into your baby eyes. Talk to him, calm and sooth him. It builds trust between the baby and the mother and a bridge of love strengths due to it.

No harm in asking for help

It is important to note that if baby isn’t gaining much weight or is struggling with sucking up; then help should be sought from one’s own family, i.e., the mother esp. If it doesn’t help, then one should consult with the doctor to help you breastfeed your baby.

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