Why Smiling is Important


Before we talk about why smiling is important, let’s talk about some of our happy behavior. The only thing that happens without much thoughts is “smiling”. Whenever you watch your friend doing something silly, you smile. Whenever a girl sees a cute little boy trying to gather courage to talk to her & woe her, she giggles. Whenever a traffic sergeant lets you off without a ticket, you grin. And whenever you are recognized for your top performances (be it in academics or career), you start to beam. It is all because smiling is a very natural process that shares our happiness and enthusiasm with others in the most purest way.

But not many of us know that smiling triggers activity is our brain as well. It is because there’s a serious mind-body connection there. To be more precise, this connection exists in our left frontal cortex, which is by the way-not surprisingly-the are of our brain that registers love, happiness and care.

But the questions that you should ask yourself before reading about why smiling is important, are as followed:

  • How often do you really smile in a single day?
  • Do you really smile when you meet & greet new people?
  • Do you smile, when you see your friends?
  • Do you like smiling around your co-workers?
  • How about your spouse, your girlfriend?
  • Do you smile when you see your kids doing funny things-that would otherwise irritate you?

Our face has 44 muscles in it and this allows us to make more than 5,000 expressions easily. and most of them comprises of “Smiles”. Now God, wouldn’t want us to have so many smiling expressions without a reason. Would He? Off course not. That’s why no matter how much we try to over estimate the power of why smiling is important, but it would never be enough.

smile all the time 

We will give you 100’s reasons to smile; for now only 7 🙂

So read on for 7 good reasons why smiling is important for you, your health and your social life.

7 Good Reasons Why Smiling Is Important

Why Smiling is Important: It can help you get happy (even when you are not)

Do you remember that mind-body connection we were just talking about? Well, it goes this way. When the simple act of smiling happens, it sends a message to that part of the brain that you are happy. And when brain realizes that you are happy, it gives message to your body to pump out all kinds of feel-good endorphins. (Remember that this reaction has been studies since the early 80’s and has been proven numerous times).

Smiling- Keeping you Healthy 

Show a Smile and get Healthy

So from now on whenever you start to feel sad and unhappy, try to smile. It just might make you and your body feel better and you start feeling good about yourself again in no time.

Why Smiling is Important: It can help other get happy (even when they are not)

Have you ever heard of that song, “When you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you”. Well. Its indeed true. Always remember that smiling is contagious positively. We all have been around someone who just had something awesome happened to him\her & along with his\her excitement, we also get excited and start sharing his\her smiles.

Always make other happy happy 

Make Others Happy & Healthy

Various researches shows that when something this happens in-front of us, our face muscles gets activated automatically without us being aware of that we are smiling just as him\her.

Why Smiling is Important: It makes you more attractive

Have you ever thought why we are always asked to smile and smile big in photos? It is because we usually look our best as well as happiest when we are smiling.


Smiling gives you more attraction

According to Doktor-Help survey, almost 96% of adults believes that an attractive smile makes them look more dashing and appealing to their opposite sex. So take our advice that when you plan on taking someone on date, then don’t forget to smile.

Why Smiling is Important: It can help you de-stress

The next time when you are stress about your job, your home or any other issue; then just smile. Smiling helps reduce anxiety and it resists the hormones that produces anxiety in your body. It will also automatically reduce your heart and blood pressure rate by signalling your brain that you are now happy and no need to stress your body out.

Remember, reducing stress would automatically help your body to get better at digestion & regulating blood sugar levels.

Why Smiling is Important: It can help you land a job

Most of us think that whenever we have to go to interview, we have to wear nice clothes and shoes. You are 50% right. the rest of the 50% of your personality is made up by your gentle smiling behavior.

Remember, we like to be greeted by a welcoming smile. Then why not others would expect the same from you. Be it an interviewer.

Why Smiling is Important: It leads to laughter

Now, we all know we cannot live with smiles all the time. Sometimes, we want to laugh. But laughter is not possible without smiling. So another reason why smiling is so important, is that it can lead up to laughter. And laughter is very good for our health.


Laughter is like a mini workout and it burns calories and works the abs. Laughter also helps regulate the blood flow, lower sugar levels, improves sleep and greatly reduces stress alongside improve our immune system by producing infection fighting antibodies. So the moral of the story is fight. So don’t forget to smile and laugh-often!

Why Smiling is Important: It makes you feel good

Do we have to say anything about that. We would recommend you to try to smile right now and see a positive vibe in yourself. Touche!


Start feeling Good

In Short:

Now go out and start smiling. Leave the frowns as it is and your smiles would take over them. And now, say, “Cheese“. We hope & pray, you stay happy & safe always.

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