It is no coincidence that psychiatrist profession is highly developed in many capitalist countries. That the publications of books, magazines and websites related to the modern life’s mental health problems attract wide interest from readers is absolutely not the result of a social movement or any thing like that.

This is simply due to human’s needs in this mordern 21st century which is modern but  full of pressure. To stay healthy, your spirit must be good!

Make your self-help

When feel that you can not help yourself, and that the help from friends, family and the people around you is not enough, it seems that you should look for a consultation  specialist (or psychiatrist).

When encountering problems or feel physically sick, in general we often find a doctor, and when there are psychological problems, we often let it go or are hesitant to ask for help. At these times, instead of enduring to have fallen into depression, you should look for the advice of a psychiatrist. Consultation does not mean changing your personality, instead of making a complete change, you only need a few minor adjustments.

If the a motorbike hasn’t broken down, many people wouldn’t bring motorbike-repair shop because hate spending time on . People would also avoid going to dentist’s if they don’t really suffer from an extreme toothache. Similarly, many people would not go to see consultation professional until they are unable to work or go have fun,  . The self-developing journey will go more smoothly if you make a few adjustments, do not wait until you have a crisis.

Common symptoms

If you see yourself in the following situations, you should consider getting help from the consultants:

– I feel unable to control my own life.

– I’m not happy with what I’ve chosen for my life.

– I have difficulties making constructive choices .

– I am a victim of crime or another kind of abuse.

– I have no purpose or direction for my life.

– I always feel sad, miserable for a long time.

– I am not satisfied with my current relationships.

– I’m in trouble with my addiction (tobacco addiction, drugs, gaming, video …).

– I am alienated from myself and others.

– I am enduring a severe loss in my emotional life (bereavement …)

– I’m having problems related to the job or at school.

– I constantly suffering from depression, or sometimes the stress-related afflictions.

– I am a victim of discrimination or oppression.

– I’m going to divorce or end an important relationship which is very significant with my life.

– I feel I am only using a fraction of my ability.

Reading psychological papers, participating in psychology classes, self-discovering can give you better understand about your unknown personal problems . Attending a course shows that you are not alone in this struggle. You should trust yourself to make choices on your own. Some psychological consultations at the right time can help you clarify the choices, and give you the motivation to make an action plan for changing.

How can doctor (psychologists) help you?

They are the ones who will guide you through make use of your inner power. The excellent experts will guide you through figuring out how to solve your own problems rather than trying to solve the problem for you.

consultation experts are the psychologists who teach you how to make the most of life, create more fun, use your own advantages and become the one that you wish you were.

A consultation expert’s duty is to teach you how to eventually become your own therapist. They do not change your belief by brainwashing, but they help you to consider how your thinking affects the way you feel and act.

Consultants will help you recognize the specific beliefs that are hindering you or being not beneficial to you. You will learn how to critically evaluate the beliefs, values, meanings and your acknowledgment.

Consultant can tell you how to replace bad thoughts with constructive and more positive thinkings. If you have difficulty in identifying and expressing your emotions such as joy, anger, fear,and guilt., the consultants can help you to learn how. If your current behavior prevents you from achieving the legitimate aspirations, the consultants can help you discover new replacement to teach you how to eventually become your own therapist.

Be brave !

This kind of consultation may be hard for you and the consultants because being honest with yourself is not easy; and because faceing and solving problems always need courage. By simply entering the consultation room, you have set the first step in the process of changing. Recognizing that yourself need help is a very important factor to help you go forward.

Discovering yourself requires discipline, patience and persistence. There may be the moments when the situation seems to get worse because the consultation is not a miracle. In fact, there is some point you will feel worse before you feel better because old wounds will be exposed and dissected. Consultation is a highly personal matter , the consultation process is a good opportunity for you to put yourself into the process of understanding yourself, a very strenuous process, if you believe the consultant. Consultation is a process of self-discovery for the purpose of making you stronger.

Consultation itself is a tool for you to solve effectively the obstacles that you may encounter in the future. If the consultation is successful, you learn a lot more than simply solving a specific problem. You get to use the skills of coping with the problems and challenges as they emerge. Above all, you are better equipped to take your own choices of your life.

However, finding a psychiatrist in Vietnam is not easy. There are many reasons for this problem including that the social development level is not high, the need and habits as well as information and the understanding of the people are limited.

If you need doctor, let’s we know, we will help you !

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